30 March 2014

The big stigma

Anyone who's read my blog knows that during medical school I suffered from depression.

Yet at work, all the time I hear people dismissing depression and patients with it.

It's at times like this that I like to make people feel uncomfortable. I'm not afraid to point out that depression affects everyone, including doctors.

And yes, I will turn around and point out that since 2007 I have taken anti depressants. And to the people that point out that I don't appear depressed - well antidepressants seem to work for me.

So before you make sweeping statements about depression and mental health problems, remember that not all disabilities can be seen with the naked eye.

Depressed and happy

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Future Doc said...

When my Nan died, my Mum took it really hard. She initially refused to go on anti-depressants because she believed she was being "silly" and didn't need help. Eventually, she went to her GP and it's really helped her. People are so easy to dismiss things when their lives appear normal, not bothering to take one step in someone else's shoes.

Hope all is well your end!