15 February 2013

"Here he is folks, the leader of the plaque."

Unfortunately it turns out that as a doctor I make a truly terrible patient.

I've been very lucky and only had a minimal amount of dental work done until now. Except that about 6 months ago I started getting toothache when I ate certain things. 

So a few days ago I bit the bullet and made a dentists appointment.

Now the initial appointment didn't go too well. I may not be a perfect doctor, but I do like to warn my patients before I do things to them that they may not like.

Two attempts at X-rays later and he gave up - especially after I *may* have criticised him for his bedside manner*.

He broke the news to me that I needed at least 2 fillings and prescribed some diazepam for the next appointment. Two days later I found myself sat in the waiting room with my other half (mainly stopping me from leaving) waiting for (what I expected to be) the appointment from hell. Once the block was in I didn't feel a thing. He drilled and filled 2 teeth with lovely white fillings and I spent the rest of the morning sleeping off the diazepam and my numb face.

Slight problem with the very effective local block - I still have an exceptionally numb chin (36 hours later).

Unfortunately I have to go and have a wisdom tooth extracted - although he's realised that diazepam alone may not work next time and has referred me to a dentist offering sedation. 

*Laughing at a patient who is struggling a bit due to pain isn't very professional, especially when the patient has told you that they're really nervous and anxious. And yes, I know they were only X-rays but I'm not a good dental patient.

Quote and picture from Little Shop of Horrors - well worth watching if you've never seen it before.

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