08 June 2012

Support from colleagues

The topic of industrial action came up again today at work. It was discussed amongst my team to ascertain who would and who wouldn't be taking action.

It turns out that despite a large vote in favour of action, no one else in my team is taking action. Sadly they also do not seem to support the action.

Given the representation of members from the BMA ballot it would seem possible that my team colleagues may not have voted. In fact I know of several people who not only didn't vote, but who cancelled their BMA membership out of principle.

While I respect that everyone has a right to their own opinion I think it's incredibly rude to slag other people off due to their decisions. While I haven't been at the receiving end of verbal abuse yet, some colleagues have made scathing remarks about shirking work and putting patients at risk.

When we're all screwed over our pensions and working lives then we'll all be in it together, whether we agree with each other or not.

It's nice to feel supported by your colleagues

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