11 March 2012

Is a change as good as a rest?

It is just over 3 weeks until job change again and I'm back to feeling anxious about starting yet another new post.

It seems that as soon as you feel you're getting the hang of something you get moved on. This time at least I don't have to move hospital, which is a massive benefit.

The problem is that I don't especially enjoy my current post, yet I suspect I'm going to detest the next one, and the banding is lower (40% vs 50% at present).

I'm just going to have to see where it takes me...

Best of luck to any current final years due to sit exams soon.


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Mummy Medic said...

I'm so pleased to have found your blog again. I used to read it all those years ago when you started, and for a good number of years too. I graduated at the same as yourself, and it's lovely to hear of the same anxieties of changing jobs again...I hope the change has gone smoothly