22 August 2010

Knitting for distraction

Knitting for distraction
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Well, as you can gather from my previous post, I'd not been well. By the time I had blogged that one I had spent the night on the Medical Assessment Unit and been discharged with painkillers and no diagnosis.

I did genuinely *try* to do a night shift on Thursday night, but it ended with increasing amounts of pain and me having to go home. I spent the rest of the night awake on the sofa taking painkillers and struggling to get comfortable. Friday morning I went to see a GP who readmitted me. That's kind of where the story lies at the moment.

I've been in since Friday and spent most of that time knitting for distraction - hence the picture. Sadly, in about an hour I will have finished a pair of socks and have very little to distract myself. Guess that just leaves expensive trashy telly then!

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