03 May 2010

The revision journals

Now I've already mentioned that I'm studying a lot at the moment... But what about everybody else?

Medics and non-medics alike.... Tell me what subject you're currently revising.

I'll start you off. Today I shall mostly be looking at dementia and cardiology. But how about you?


brokenangel said...

Morning - Respirology
Afternoon - Cardiology
Evening - GIT

Dash said...

I looked at some cardiology in the morning, practised clinical exams this afternoon and how looking over some exotics physiology...finals in 5 weeks!!

Sage said...


Education and Adult Learning; how they learn, how to teach..

My new career beckons.

Good luck for your exams xx

Lewis said...


No exams for me as the last of them were in December, instead I'm writing up my Masters project 'Investigations into factors
impacting the quality of results
from PIV analysis of DBD
plasma actuators'. It's thrilling stuff!

Good luck with the exams!

Jamrock said...

Elements of forensic science. Specifically saliva and semen stains. Nice eh?

ilovehotchocolate said...

Looking over some anatomy and bone names. Good luck with the exams!