25 May 2010

Exams and Electives

One more exam and then I'm going on elective. A whole month in London... with the BMJ, followed by a month in Liverpool.

Just the one more exam and then I'm a free woman. I'm currently making my final shopping list, and it goes something like this:
1. Makeup bags. I won't look dog rough for 8 weeks
2. Mobile internet dongle - currently on the way
3. Several pairs of linen trousers
4. Spare cables for various charging thingies
5. Upgrade phone next week

So, if you're in either of those cities and you fancy a coffee at some point, drop me a line or a tweet


Anonymous said...

See you soon! Now if only there was a free desk for you to use ...

The Shrink said...

Hope you have a great elective and enjoy your time in Liverpool - a fab place to be a student!