25 November 2009

First Theatre Experience

Last year I had my first proper 'med student' experience in theatre. I would love to say how amazing it was, but after my face hit the floor and I broke my glasses, all I can remember of the rest of the day is a headache.

So this is a quick note to say, don't worry about fainting in theatre, it happens to the best of us.

What I do remember of that day was the surgeon (after I woke up to him holding my feet in the air) allowing me to scrub in and telling me that he used to faint religiously every time he went near the anaesthetic room.

To this day I haven't fainted since, despite scrubbing in on some very gruesome surgeries, and I still don't know what brought about the face/floor episode. All I do know is that the dentist and optician weren't happy with me considering I chipped a tooth and broke my spectacles with one astonishing face vs floor...

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Dash said...

We've only ever had 1 person go down in theatre - but she did have flu. Doesn't stop the occasional mocking though.