18 July 2009

Brain under stress

I'm trying to decide at the moment whether cramming insanely and learning small bits of everything is best, or whether to 'question spot' and learn detailed amounts about a small subject.

It's similar to being a doctor of a particular speciality.

Anyway, while I try and work out which of the two is the best, here's a thought I had earlier:

In a country where we educate people about the risks of the sun to skin, and increasing risks of skin cancer, why when I walk through any good general pharmacy/healthy type shop is sunscreen nearly £10 per bottle??


brokenangel said...

Thats a rip off even on a cruise ship ie captive audiance we were only paying £3.50-5 depending on the factor

Claire said...

The best advice I have to you is don't question spot. You could be setting yourself up for a spectacular fall by doing so - its much better to learn a bit less about a broader range of subjects - at least for now until you do specialise.

Good luck!

Jo said...

Because pharmacies think they have a captive audience :-( BTW if you go to Sainsbury's, they are doing a range of cheap suntan lotion (and a decent factor, too - none of this factor 4 rubbish!)

medical transcription program said...

tried to take thing slowly and one by one.. hahaha..