18 October 2008

Finally relaxing

I've headed to Yorkshire for the weekend and for the first time in over a week I feel a lot better.

Ironically I had to miss some time from Uni. I mean I really did drag my ass in when I wasn't feeling quite right, but on a couple of days I literally couldn't do it!

My GP signed me off and told me adamantly to not go in. So I didn't. Consequently the medical school have asked me to see one of the senior advisors to discuss my recent absence.

Given the fact that I have been genuinely unwell and I've seen many many people in my medical school skip things that aren't compulsory and literally never turn up, I do feel a tad concerned.

I'm worried that my missing 3 and a half day is gonna come back and kick me in the arse.

For the time being, I'm spending my birthday money before my birthday (26th October) and chilling with the parents.


Anonymous said...

Why do you have to get signed off for 3 and a half days?

Maybe they are calling you in to see senior people because you failed things last year.

Do what everyone else does when they are ill and take days off. Nobody likes a martyr!

Jo said...

Hopefully all they are wanting you to do is make sure that you are fully fit and able to go back (wouldn't be good if you started passing germs on to patients, would it?), and that there is no reason other than a heavy cold (trying to catch people who go off with stress sooner rather than later!) - from what I know of uni staff, they get concerned if you've been signed off rather than just taking the time off (formal illness means that they might have to do something about it!)

God's Rock Angel said...

I was sent home from work last week because I had a horrible cold! I had to be sent home in front of the VP for International Sales and the Head of HR - unless the CEO decided to pop in those are like the highest people I've met in my job.

I hope you feel better soon (going to take a look at your Etsy Store later - working on Christmas presents!)