05 October 2008

Dear Blog

Dear Blog,

it would appear I have abandoned you of late.

The problem is third year. I'm on placement and the hospital is swallowing my life. 

Between spending most of the week following a doctor around like a flock of sheep, some of us also spend our weekends there trying to earn money. 

Personally, I reckon I'm a one-person MRSA stash!

Anyway, dear blog, I thought I would tell you how 4 medical students single handedly made the whole nurse's station cackle. 

Picture the scene, 4 medical students standing on the ward waiting for unknown doctor to appear and do something (our timetable is very vague) when a random distinguished gentleman appears and starts barking questions at us. He seems to know his stuff, so we all presume he's our guy, but as he isn't wearing any ID, just a stethoscope, we're none the wiser to who he actually is.

So we follow him around for over an hour, none the wiser until I quickly spy my opportunity to ask a nurse. Sadly, nurse in question is sat with 3 others, and once they realise our predicament barely stop laughing to tell us that he's the top consultant.

As we ran after him around the corner I could feel their eyes on our backs as their shrieking laughter rang around the ward. Cheers guys.

Hope it gets better from here on it...

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