08 September 2008

So you're going to university then?

Daunting and exciting isn't it!

I remember the feeling well. Parents taking me cross country to a strange and new place full of equally terrified looking people.

I'm going to impart some of my knowledge onto you lot, since I did fresher's week twice. Feel free to ignore it!

  • My admissions tutor the first time round imparted an amazing piece of knowledge onto me. He explained that the people you meet while drunk in fresher's week will be the people you want rid of in the second week. How right he was. Be careful how you choose your friends. You may well be haunted for 3 years.
  • DO NOT PACK YOUR ENTIRE HOME! Half of the fun of university is realising you've forgotten something and having to introduce yourself to someone else to ask to borrow their hairbrush/bottle opener*/tin opener**. A bottle of washiing up liquid and some biscuits are a good starting point for freshers week.
  • Your room in halls will look like a hole. Unless you're lucky, your room will resemble a prison cell. For the love of your own sanity, take some photographs and bluetac to make it look more friendly
  • Shared launderettes are fine for most things. If you're a girl and it's rugby team initiation time, your underwear may well go missing from the dryers. For this purpose I reccommend a bucket for the purpose of washing underwear and delicates by hand in your room. Nothing is worse than seeing a 6ft tall and wide boy in your best M&S bra on facebook from a night out.
  • Equally, a bucket is a much better place to puke than your bin. Your bin will leak by the morning, a bucket will not.
  • A glass of warm water thrown out a darkened window followed by the words 'shut up' is a very effective deterrent against drunken couples/gangs etc.
  • Enjoy yourself. Don't hole yourself up in your room and be antisocial. Life is for living. Live hard, play hard, work hard.
  • And remember, if you come in drunk at 4AM and you don't have lectures in the morning, some people do. Karma is a bitch and will come back and kick you in the arse.
* seriously, don't forget this one. You'll be stuffed.
**and if you've forgotten this one you may well starve.

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Rick said...

Is that warm water because it could be mistaken for something else? or to avoid shocking them too much?

I can concur with the other advice. It is some years since I left uni but I have to live with**** near them still.

The Young Mummy said...

thanks lol its scary packing for uni. only 11 days till most of us new freshers move in.

Jo said...

A couple of pieces of advice that stood me in good stead:

Echoing Merys' advice of "Be careful how you choose your friends" - don't be afraid to stop being friends with people that you don't get on with - it might seem really harsh, but it is better for both of your sanity!

Whilst passing your degree is important, what you do around your degree is also very important (particularly if you aren't doing a career orientated degree - I did History) - join clubs and societies - that way, not only will you get to meet people with the same interests as yourself, but your CV will look more interesting than just "Got drunk. Did a degree."

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

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