03 September 2008


Or so I thought.

My poor Samsung phone has had numerous tragedies befall it. Least of all having a catheter bag emptied down my trousers while it was sat in the pocket (hence it was always inside a glove when at work).

It's survived being dropped, knocked and generally abused at the outdoor centre.

Sadly, it doesn't seem to like exploding cans of Sainsbury's diet pineapple and grapefruit canned drink.

Funnily enough, it now won't work.

Thankfully, I had insurance, but sadly there's a £50 excess. It's cheaper for a well known phone company to buy me out of my contract than claim on the insurance, as they told me today.

On the down side, if you had my number before, can you please text me yours again. I have lost all numbers but maintained my SIM card.

PS: apologies for the number of advert links that are appearing on the site, but needs must.
Do as you see fit with them, if you get my drift.

PPS: can anyone reccommend a decent mobile phone handset that I can use online well and on Vodafone?


Anonymous said...

I can't vouch for its technical abilities, but it sounds like you could use one of these ! lol ! :-)


Anonymous said...

I'm currently using the Nokia E65, if that's of any use.

It also allows me to write and review my assignments, PDFs, spreadsheets etc, all on the go :-)