14 August 2008

A word of advice from me to you.

6 years ago today I got my A Level results.

I picked them up alone because my parents and I had argued the year before at AS results time.

I passed everyone stood outside the college drinking wine because they were going where they wanted to, while I knew deep down that I hadn't done enough to get my place at medical school.

Having opened the results envelope I sat and cried on some portakabin steps. My grades were nowhere near good enough to get into medical school, but I rang them anyway.

I'd been rejected without a second thought. No extenuating circumstances in my case, just sheer stupidity and rebellion in my sixth form years.

So I say this to everyone out there about to get their results:

I got CCCd at A2 level and I'm at medical school now with a degree and masters under my belt.

If you want it badly enough then don't let A Level results stop you.

Otherwise, I wish you all the best of luck tomorrow, and will no doubt be seeing some of you in September at fresher's week!


Future Doc said...

Thank you so much. I just got my AS Results and i've got CCDD. You've given me hope and I just wanna say thanks.

The Young Mummy said...

thanks you really give me hope that i will eventually be at medical school.

Eclipse said...

Its true, you shouldn't let a-level results force you to let go of your dreams. I didn't exactly do well either in them.... similar reasons to Merys funnily enough and now I'm studying for a PhD...

Anonymous said...

i know this is a very old post but i dont know why i reread the older ones from time to time (stalkerish much?) i got an A*BCb and got rejected everywhere i applied (i'm an international student by the way)

this post always makes me emotional and gives me hope. Thanks merys for the encouragement :)