22 August 2008

Arse it

Now I have a proper problem. Rent comes out on 26th of the month, and I just got paid.

I'm £70 short. Oh, and plus the gas and electric bill from the old house of £80.

Seriously, does anyone fancy sponsoring my education?

I've been working my guts out like a nutter, and I have a sneaking suspicion that work hasn't paid me for the 3 days holiday I took in the middle of my exams.

Bugger, shit, arse.

Anyone want to feed and house me when the landlord evicts me??


Eclipse said...

If you feel like hopping over to finland then I would. Aren't there any hardship funds available... sounds like you are very much entitled to one.

Anonymous said...

welcome to the real world.

Anonymous said...

you always seem to be asking for money.... maybe you need to look at what you are spending and where you are going wrong, other student manage it

Anonymous said...

Stop moaning, I am an OAP in the UK, try living on that money with no chance of getting a good wage in the future. Things for me are only going to get worse. Robin

Eclipse said...

Actually anonymous (1 & 2) most students can't manage it. They either have to work their asses off during their "free time" which is when they are supposed to be studying, which I personally think is wrong. What's the point of going to uni if you don't have time to study. I know of no students (having been one myself) who haven't struggled or got themselves into mountains of debt to put themselves through uni.

As for the OAPs no offence robin but you had your whole lives to build up a pension, so you can't moan whereas these students are only just starting out in life.

Sorry merys for the annoyed posting but it just makes me angry when people who have never studied or who have been more priviledged feel the need to make comments like the ones above and hide behind the anonymous setting.

The Young Mummy said...

Robin you had the oppertunity to save for your retirement and if you want doctors in the future we need to start funding their education better.

As someone about to start their first year at uni my student loan just covers the rent so unless I dont want to eat for a year then i will be forced to work when i should be studying.

Can you not get a professional education loan

Anonymous said...

Well what about if you were in the US? 8 years at least, and no silly subsidies from the government. How do they do it? Why can't UK people manage to deal with it when the fees are less than half? Why don't parents actually save for their children's education like in Asian countries? I'm sure there are Chinese kids at every UK university who pay the full fees and you don't see them complaining about having no money. They aren't rich, their parents worked their arses off for 30 years to save up. Now they fund uni for the rest of the UK who are in debt before they reach the age of 20 (LSE admitted to me that for this reason they accept international students with BBB on some of their shittier courses whereas a home student may need to get AAB)

Eclipse said...

The point is anon #3 she is currently in this situation. It doesn't matter what her parents did or did not do. What matters is today, next week and next month. The fees are not the issue here. The problem is the fact that the student loans (yes it's a loan that we have to pay back) are simply not enough to cover living costs. Hence why Merys is in this situation.

UK people cannot deal with the student loan/fees situation because fees were only introduced 7 years ago, and only went up to their current amount 3-4 years ago. £9000 for 3yrs of study in fees alone (let alone the extra years of study to become a doctor), without contemplating extra for living costs is a lot to save up in the short time fees have been around, even if you are from a reasonably well off background. If you come from a single parent family, you are pretty much screwed.

I suspect people who are having children now are saving for their children's education, but the people who had us 20 plus years ago were still living in a country where education was for everyone, not just those who have money.

Anonymous said...

What I wonder is whether or not your university would let you defer for a year or perhaps two. Then perhaps you could get a full time job (using the skills from your first two degrees!), save like mad, possibly continue doing one or two of your other jobs, and return to uni when you're a bit more financially stable. It would also mean you had more time in termtime to focus on the academics, perhaps avoiding the need for resits.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

It's worth remembering that students are facing a greater rate of inflation than the rest of us at the moment due to the nature of their expenditure.

Student Price Index (Open University)

Add that to the fact that Merys is earning a low rate, where workers were once again stitched up by the union and agreed to a 3 year pay deal, which is presently much less than half the rate of (normal) inflation and there's little wonder she has difficulty with money. Don't forget, an average student is in education for 3 to 4 years - Merys has done six.

Anonymous said...

also the sterling is shit atm.