27 July 2007

To be a failure (part 2)

Ok, so I guess the title is a bit of a lie. There was a part 2, and it is written, but given that it's on the hard drive of my computer, which is in pieces it seems a little difficult to post. Frankly, it also seems a tad pointless. You get the gist. My mother and I were at war, but for the time being we appear to be experiencing peace talks.

It's because I decided to stay in my university area and not return home for the summer vacation. Realistically I had no choice.

Things have been very up and down this year, and due to stress and management issues I will not be continuing working as a halls warden for the university. Instead, I have moved into a house with two wonderful medical students in my year. My rent started immediately and I finished my training to be an auxillary nurse. So in all honesty, it seemed a tad daft to return to Yorkshire, work for £6 an hour at the leisure centre while paying rent on a house down here, and missing out on valuable clinical experience that pays a lot better!

So my mother and I fell out. She's experiencing what I believe is 'empty nest syndrome'. Hopefully, she's starting to come out of it a bit now, and accept that at nearly 24 years old, my home is where I make it, not necessarily where I was born.

Anyway, the shifts at the hospital are going well. I have plenty to blog about, but I have no internet in my new house yet (so apologies, but I have no idea when I will get them written).

I was hijacking next-door's wireless, but I think they may have clocked me....

Thanks for all your support!

Skint Merys

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Anonymous said...

Hey just found your blog. Well done for doing the nursing. I work as one and seem to continually 'lose' the medical students who are supposed to be doing their day with us, generally finding them holed up in the doctors room! Its great that you're learning our skils too. Good luck with everything and hopefully you have sympathetic nurses who might teach you advanced skills if its quiet