03 January 2019

Still just mooching around

its 01:25 and I’m at work at 0800. New Year has thrown me off kilter with my times and days so I’m just going to have to keep slogging through until my body clock works itself out.

Both 2017 and 2018 were shit in many ways - some of which made me reconsider my career pathway, and some which made me consider quitting medicine completely. 

But... at the moment I’ve found myself a little niche that seems to be making me happy.

🥳 happy new year if anyone is still reading this. I’m going to try and blog regularly again, but please leave me a comment if anyone is still there. 

💋 Merys 


smudge said...

Yay! Welcome back & happy New year. Hope 2019 is an improvement on the last 2 years.

GrumpyRN said...

Welcome back and a Happy New Year to you.
Don't give up, hopefully it will get better (or stay better if you are happy where you are).

Anonymous said...

Still reading. Keep going with medicine, find your joy.

Unknown said...

Still here!

Anonymous said...

Happy new year!