08 January 2014

Changed plans

The plan for today involved a good night's sleep (in bed at 2230) before a busy day ahead.

The plan was altered by a hyperactive terrier who decided he wanted a toilet visit.

Sadly he then wanted to play. Sadly for him, he then got put downstairs in his crate. Sadly for me I then felt guilty and he's now back on the end of the bed looking smug and plotting.

This doesn't help me with my 3 hour ward round with the grumpiest consultant known to man, who *huffs* at you if you need to have a toilet break of your own.

Ah well, let caffeine be the sponsor of my day to come!

1 comment:

FioreFashion said...

Good to see you back, as busy as I know you will be have you though about updating everyone on how the day to day job is going :)