02 April 2013

Social Media

In March this year the GMC (General Medical Council) released new guidance on social media. As well as all the usual stuff (don't make friends with patients on Facebook, don't give advice over twitter, don't breach confidentiality etc) it gave guidance on doctors posting anonymously on the Internet. Now here is a dilemma: if you search the GMC website for Dr Merys Jones, the person that you find is not me (I have no idea if such a person exists and I haven't checked the GMC database). This is a pseudonym, and one I have had long before even going to medical school, never mind being a doctor. I started this blog in 2005 when I was still an undergrad the first time around. I wasn't even sure I would get into medical school, never mind qualify.

During that time I have never breached patient confidentiality. I don't discuss patients and I don't give medical advice. Ergo I'm not quite sure where I, or this blog stand.

If anyone has any advice then please let me know.

The full guidelines on social media can be accessed here

1 comment:

Mira said...


I was so surprised they published yet another document for guidelines...
As far as I'm concerned, having followed your blog for the past three years or so, I wouldn't be worried. Contrary to other blogs by medics, you have never given any indication of your whereabouts or even region in the country, let alone divulged any potentially important information that would allow anyone to find a patient. And that's without taking into consideration your disclaimer.

I always find this issue quite touchy as though I understand the role of the GMC in, erm, 'keeping us in check', we still ought to be able to say what we want as medics as long as doesn't effect patients.

If anything, I'm a freelance artist who uses my full name along with going through my medical education and I simply dread the day someone googles my name, particularly as my work doesn't exactly pertain to all tastes.