22 January 2013


How can something so incredibly common remain such a taboo subject that can only be discussed by doctors and behind closed doors?

I'm prompted to blog this due to a thread on UK ambulance forum (link on the right - I can't do hyperlinks via mobile) regarding depression.

I was diagnosed with depression nearly 7 years ago. I was broken and drained. I was very close to quitting medical school because of it.

I'm by no means an example of 'cured' but I am well managed.

I'm on my third anti depressant but I'm coping well. I love my job and have found (I think) which speciality I want to spend the rest of my career in.

But if I hadn't bitten the bullet, overcome the stigma and addressed my own prejudices regarding depression then I probably wouldn't be a doctor now.

This post is also partly fuelled by the doctor at work who told me that depression is not a mental illness - that it is concocted by primary care (GPs) to get QOF points.

And who says the NHS is full of non-judgemental professionals.

If you are struggling - seek help. I've never looked back


Anonymous said...

Interesting post Merys, thanks.

I couldn't help but wonder which speciality you've chosen? PHEM by any chance?

Mira said...

I'm shocked by what you've said you've heard, but at the same time sadly the medical profession is full of those.
I also think it's well worth noting that even within the profession it's seen negatively, and I say this as a student who when going to my dean, a clinician themselves, in a bid to ask for help, got told that I wouldn't make it through med school or become a doctor because of it.

As a side point; thanks a lot for your blog. I remember sending you an email a while back I never got around to answering. It always helps me to think that even with depression, you can get through medical school and become a doctor. So thanks for your blog; it helps more than you might think~

Merys said...

Anon - career stuff is all still in progress.

Mira - did I answer your email or was I being rude at the time? Apologies if so

Agrodut Mandal said...

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