29 July 2012

365 days in the blink of an eye

From August 1st I will have a full GMC registration (F1 doctors in the UK hold provisional registration until they have been signed off as competent after 12 months). This means I'm technically an SHO (senior house office), albeit at the bottom of the pile.

The plus side of being hellishly terrified is that I get a payrise for having been through hell for the last year.

I think the reason I'm so scared is that now there are people more junior than me that aren't medical students! This means I have to pretend to actually know some stuff and not just stand quietly behind the SHO.

The good news is that I rotate jobs and I'm hoping it will be more interesting than my current one. If I find something I don't particularly enjoy then I don't learn a great deal - my current job falls into this category.

So for everyone new as an F1 on Wednesday welcome to the working world of the NHS and prepare to have your eyes opened.

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