02 November 2011

Career development

Help, I cant decide which way I want to go in medicine. I always desperately wanted to do A&E when I was a medical student and now I'm not so sure.
As a student I always hated surgery and found it barbaric, yet now I'm really pining to see procedures and get involved. It's truly bizarre how much I've changed as a person.
When I started in August I lacked confidence and the ability to ask questions, now I'm quite comfortable managing patients and doing stuff under my own steam (although the concept of doing a mini-ward round on my own freaks me out).
And more amusingly, in July I was still a medical student, yet now I have 4 of my very own - and I bloody love them. I will be taking them for beer when they leave!
So yes, generally life is good and I'm thoroughly enjoying being a doctor, well at least for the moment.

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