31 July 2011

And then everything changed

A few weeks ago I was a bit ill.
It wasn't fun and I ended up calling an ambulance out for myself. Now anyone who knows me will recognise that I hate people who waste the ambulance service's time. In fact I even called a friend who was working as an ambulance technician that night and asked his advice. So I ended up getting some help, and some decent analgesia (I'm actually reasonably scared of needles, so to let a paramedic cannulate my hand goes some way to show how much pain I was in) - I loved entonox so much that night, and after some IV morphine the pain was a lot more bearable.
Anyhow, a few days later and after some IV antibiotics I was discharged, and then readmitted when the pain got worse. More IV antibiotics, lots of analgesia and some fluids later I went home. Things are better now but still not perfect.
Anyhow, a big thanks to the ambulance service for their help that night and for not treating me like a muppet when I went a bit mad on entonox.

Since then it's all been a bit of a whirlwind.


  • graduated
  • introduced my parents to my inlaws
  • got my GMC registration
  • moved to my new hospital
  • done half of induction week
  • gone to a mess party
  • met some of my consultants
  • and started answering bleeps when shadowing
I don't yet have a rota but that will be sorted this week. 
It's all very scary, and the worst was seeing my ID card saying Dr Merys Jones.
But I guess it's all finally true and it happened. Hard work pays off in the end.


Bill Sticker said...

Congratulations. So the 'sponsor a doctor' thing helped out. The rest you did yourself.

Well done.

BTW; my own kids pleased me by graduating with honours this year. Proud of them, and proud of you.

Chimp Force One said...

Congratulations! All my uni mates that were medic are all becoming registars, which is quite scary as I know at least one of them was pissed in 90% of his first year lectures

Medically Brunette said...

Good luck, congratulations. I'm about to start my 10th year of uni, hopefully my last.