17 May 2011

Feet and hands

My feet have walked many, many miles this week around the hospital. I have chased junior doctors like a lost puppy. 

Despite wearing my most comfortable of shoes I managed to give myself stonking blisters on both feet.
I have covered more of the hospital than I ever thought possible, yet so far, despite aching feet and fat ankles, I love it.

My hands have examined many abdomens, chests, hands and bottoms. They have scrubbed in on very long surgeries and found elusive veins*.
They have also been chewed down to the wick lately due to impending finals fear.

* I love it when patients tell me that I won't get blood. I really will, no matter how long I have to palpate invisible vein.s

1 comment:

Barty said...

Bitten down to the quick, not to the wick ;-) What delicate little hands you have, good luck with the finals.