07 February 2011

Health promotion

For anyone who follows me on twitter this won't be news to you.

For some time I have been feeling very unwell. As a result of this I'm going to take a brief blogging and tweeting sabbatical.

I will still answer emails (probably) and I'm going to keep my twitter account, facebook page and hotmail account active - in fact i'm often logged in to MSN.

But I need some time to myself to recuperate. There is a very real risk at the moment that I may not sit finals this year due to health problems so I think it is best that I vanish for a while.

I'll be back, but I don't know when.

See you on the flip side....


Internal Optimist said...

Look forward to hearing back from you - and I hope you feel better concentrating on yourself and your work

Good luck!

Bippidee said...

I am really sorry to hear you aren't well. I hope that things improve for you soon. Take care. xxx

Jo said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Look after yourself and I hope you feel better soon

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Jamrock said...

There aren't really words. You know where I am if you need another ear.