30 November 2010

A grand balls up

On December 8th the results of UKFPO will be out and 7073 final year medical students will find out where in the country their first job will be .

Sadly 184 will not. The programme is truly over subscribed for the first time ever.

There is not yet a firm contingency plan, just a hope to place people as drop outs or failures occur.

I'm worried...


Convectuoso said...

Jesus Christ, and I presume this isn't just down to a screwed-up system like MTAS this time? Have they said why it's oversubscribed? It wouldn't surprise me if the old hack 'n' slash merchants the Tories have cut back on the openings for F1 doctors, despite the NHS being supposedly 'ringfenced'.

Jo said...

OK - that is *really* scary. It isn't as though they don't know how many med students there are going through the system! I can understand the most favoured hospitals being oversubscribed, but they need to be making sure there are enough training places for everyone!

Chris said...

It's oversubscribed because people from Europe can all speak English and want to come to the UK, and EU law says they must all be treated the same.

The people running the system don't know how many people will fail finals, how many people want to take a gap year after graduating, and how many people from outside the EU (such as graduates from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and the US - who may also be British citizens) want to join the Foundation Programme. It's not as simple as you think.

If F1 posts are being cut back, it's because an individual hospital has decided that they don't want to employ as many F1s. If you want to play politics, then let me tell you that this has been happening in Labour-supporting areas.

If you want to do something about it, join the BMA group at your medical school and propose a motion for the BMA conference, such as tying the F1 year to medical schools rather than going through deaneries. This way, UK graduates will be first in line for F1 jobs.