20 September 2010

An unusual effect

New year, new PBL group, new PBL tutor. And with it, new rules and new changes.

A tutor who insists that none of us shall fail our final year. That we must start thinking like doctors, and to ensure that this sinks it, she will refer to us as Drs from now on.

Having a member of staff refer to you as Dr Jones for over an hour is an odd experience. But it did have the desired effect, I started thinking like an F1....


Anonymous said...

This is how it should be, anyone not capable of completing the training should have been "found out" at an earlier stage so as to avoid wasting their time and the university's. Sure you will finally emerge as a qualified Doc.

brokenangel said...

Good luck and its less than a year till it you will be being called Dr for real