04 April 2010

Career Moves

Well, for anyone who failed to realise, the date my last blog post went up was April Fool's Day, and it went up way before 12 noon UK time.

You may be pleased to hear that I have no intentions of quitting medicine. I will not be cashing in my 4 years for a BSc in Medical Sciences, and I intend to graduate as a doctor next year.

In fact, I have never been more certain of my career path than I am now.

Medicine is not a choice, it's a lifestyle and a lifespan. You're either in it for the duration or you aren't. I worked too hard and fought for too long to not get where I want to be now, and if I have to pass others who fall by the wayside, then so be it. I wish them the best.

But medicine is where I want to be. And I will be a kick-ass doctor.


Anonymous said...

Haha, you got me, but it's a bit worrying that I thought you could be that close to quitting. Food for thought.

AngryMurloc said...

You are a butt head for typing such a thing!!

Jamrock said...

What he said ^

Bill Sticker said...

Good for you.