24 December 2009

Seasons Greetings

I'm home at last in Yorkshire with my partner and actually looking forward to festivities with the family.

Sadly I've been thinking of relatives passed away amd the associated Christmasses past. When I was but a first year medical student my grandmother fell over our front door step while I was helping her through, and we spent this night in accident and emergency with carolers and drunks. In March of the new year she died, for reasons that I still don't fully understand. The death certificate said pulmonary fibrosis, but I'm not so convinced...

Since then I always associate Christmas as being an odd time of year. I was close to both of my grandmothers: the remaining one taught me to be an independent woman who knew her own mind, while my much missed grandmother encouraged crafts, arts, cookery and creativity. They formed the basis of the woman I am today.

And so to the festive season.... for families, friends and loved ones. Value the ones who mean the world to you as you never know when the next Christmas may be your last.

*maudlin moment over*

Merry Christmas/ religious event of your choice

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