14 May 2009

Third Year Strife

Well, this time next year I will be absolutely bricking it. Pending of course that I've found enough money to actually go on elective.

My elective has been booked and now I just need to book many many many hospital shifts and bar shifts to get as much money as is humanly possible before next year.

I've 'guestimated' that I'm going to need in the region of £4000 to cover flights, food, rent while I'm away, the elective itself and basic living allowances for 8 weeks work.

Essentially I'm bricking it. The last time I was on an aeroplane I was 11 years old and we flew from Leeds to Jersey. The 9 hour flight with 2 connection changes barely compares.

I've written to drug companies, medical companies and charities trying to plead my case. Otherwise I just have to work very very hard.

Basically, I'm very scared. And very excited.


The Young Mummy said...

where you off to, its the wrong time to be looking for grants. Have you tried newspapers/magazines. They may sponsor you if you agree to write an article for them.

Jo said...

Whereabouts are you going to?
Good luck with the funding!