14 March 2009

the all important question

no, not 'what is the meaning of life?'

but.. do I cut my own fringe?

My hair is getting quite a bit longer, and was previously quite short and has a fringe. I've been cursed with tons and tons of hair, which most people are jealous of, but its a bitch to manage. It's also neither curly nor straight.

My dilemma is this; I can't afford a haircut and I look like an old English sheepdog.

I've cut my fringe in the past with mixed results. It usually comes out OK, but I have this horrible feeling that something horrifically bad is gonna happen this time. I'm not sure why....


Anonymous said...

Go somewhere which offers free fringe cuts! Most hairdressers seem to

Anonymous said...

My sister gave me good advice about cutting my fringe and it works. Twist the bangs together into a rope like segment and cut at the desired level. The twisting and cutting prevents the bowl cut that I got in prison look.
Good Luck! Barbara Stecker

SuperRoo said...

it's very likely something to do with the fact that you've now gone and jinxed it by saying something could go 'orribly wrong.

Yep, that's my reckoning.


Asclepius said...

As a bloke I clearly have no understanding of the importance of hair style. Also being a student nurse I tend to look fairly untidy anyway(its all the 15 hour shifts). But If you get a feeling something bad is going to happen I say you go with it and wait until you have the money for a proper cut.

brokenangel said...

take a shot at it you could always go for one of the fashionable bumps if all goes wrong.

Remeber hair always grows back