20 January 2009


Despite what many prospective medical students think, a hospital rotation isn’t quite what Grey’s, ER, House, Casualty or Scrubs* would have you believe.

A quick note – you will always be in someone’s way, no matter where you stand. You would think that having worked in a hospital for nearly two years I would know the best places to stand, but alas, even I still manage to get under someone’s feet.

My auxiliary uniform is my armour, and I lose my protection as soon as my Medical Student ID card goes on.

Expect to follow the consultant around like a lost lamb and get asked ‘who are you?’ a hell of a lot**

Oh, and if you ever get asked to do something for the first time, for which you have been trained (like take blood, cannulate, catheterise etc) then go for it. You don’t know until you try, and opportunities don’t come up all the time on good patients.

Placement is long and tiring, but it’s meant to be not only a learning experience but a preparation for work. If you’re not knackered when you finish it then it’s not going well.

My year is usually in it’s scruffiest clothing possible when placement finishes, so take the time to look smart and professional. Boobs, belly and bum does not a doctor make!

*Actually Scrubs is probably the closest.
** if my rotations here are anything to go by

1 comment:

Dr Michael Anderson said...

"Boobs, belly and bum does not a doctor make!"

- so that's why I keep getting asked if I'm a "real doctor!"
(Puts crop-top away with a heavy heart...)