28 August 2006

an impending sense of maturity

I can finally recognise my maturity with a sense of impending doom – and I aren’t referring to the rapidly appearing grey hairs.

It’s odd, but when I live in the city, I appreciate all that it has to offer, yet I still miss little things about the countryside too…

I miss my dog and his freckles – the way he licks my glasses when I lay on the floor (he never used to lick my eyes before I had glasses – I just guess he thinks he’s amusing).

I miss being able to go and pick my own fruit and vegetables. At home I have access to herbs, vegetables and fruit from the orchard. There’s nothing quite like feeling hungry while messing around in the garden and helping yourself to an apple, a couple of plums and some fresh brambles. In a similar thread, I love having access to nice cooking equipment. Nothing beats heavy cast iron pans and griddles to cook fresh food in. At university I hate having to do supermarket shopping for meat, vegetables and eggs. At home our butcher comes to us, and I hate having polystyrene wrapped meat. I have no problems with preparing my own meat from the animal (I’m by no means a prissy girl), I just think it would upset people in a communal kitchen at university if they walked in and found 2 brace of pheasants hanging from the ceiling for a week.

I miss the smell of the countryside and the sound of birdsong, I miss driving in the rain late at night while being actually able to have full beam headlights on and reach 60 mph. I can’t see I’d ever have legally managed that at university….

Mostly, I guess I just appreciate what I have while I’m here – even if my accent has got stronger lately.
I’m still looking forward to university though!


Jo said...

Mmmm, and watching birds of prey hovering over fields, and having woodland to hide away from society in, and the smell of fruit ripening in dishes all over the house during the summer months. It's the little things you've become so accustomed to that you miss the most...

Renal said...

I miss the countryside for the tranquility but more for the people it represents to me.