03 September 2005

sleep walking

You may or may not have noticed that this site has changed in a couple of ways. It's pink. Very pink now. It's my favourite colour so why the hell not??

Secondly, I'm getting pissed off with advertising spam-type comments in my blog, so there's a slight anti-spam measure now. Nowt major, just to save me the anger....

I managed to, yet again, make an absolute tit of myself early this morning. I didn't take my amitriptyline last night, and ended up going for a slumbering stroll around the building. The first thing I knew about it was when I woke up having a pee. Now that is what you can call a rude awakening! This, in itself wasn't a real problem, as there aren't many other people in the building.

The issue was my keys. (You know what's coming here don't you...) Because I was asleep I hadn't picked them up, and my door automatically locks behind me on the way out. No porter to help, as it was 2.30 am, so I had to call security out to help me gain entry.

Cue much laughter when I explained what had happened.

I gotta stop this, it really freaks people out. Mainly me......



clair said...

Ah well, could have been worse! And it would make a good story in the future. :)

giggles4U said...

Be careful taking amitriptyline. Discuss with your doctor the possible side effects. I know several people who have lost any/all sexual arousal as a direct result of taking amitriptyline.

For example, I had a really good friend once who complained to me that his sexual drive used to be very high. However, after only taking amitriptyline for apx. six months, his drive was way low. He stopped taking the drug in hopes that his drive would come back as he was getting married soon. However, his "used to have" drive never came back.

I'm currently researching amitriptyline and child moslestors. There is no known cure to date. I'm thinking that if one who makes the deviant decision to commit asuch criminal act, give that one amitriptyline and that might work work.

Have a nice day,
giggles4U :)

Merys said...

giggles4u, could you send me an email please, as this interests me. I only take the darn stuff in sub-therapeutic doses for back pain, but i'm curious non-the-less. I'm a human biologist after all, get in touch to bloodystudents@hotmail.co.uk

Lennie Briscoe said...

scary, I need my drive man. Its the onmly thing keeping me going. Forget the pills, stick a few chairs infront of the door. That should slow you down... as for the peeing, big nappies? ;)

Merys said...

hey the peeing isn't a problem, that's what worries me. I was asleep and peeing, in the toilet. It worries me that I was so damned accurate.